1965 GIJOE Club Special Patrol Poster
In 1965, Hasbro marketed the GIJOE Club to boys by encouraging groups of 5 to join the club together and form a "Special Patrol".  Each member would receive his membership kit mailed to his residence.  One member designated as the "Special Patrol" Leader would receive in addition to his membership kit, a "Special Patrol" kit which included;
- An official "Special Patrol" Certificate
- 4 Patrol Member patches and a Patrol Leader patch
- A 24"x36" full color "Special Patrol" Headquarters poster

In 30+ years of collecting, I have only seen one of the posters.  I am very pleased to be able to offer a beautiful reproduction of the original GIJOE "Special Patrol" Headquarters poster.
It is an exact reproduction of the original offset printed on 100lb glossy paper, The colors
are vibrant and will look absolutely fantastic framed and hung on your Joe Room wall!

$40 (Shipped)
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